Setting a crystal-clear objective from the start can make hiring more fun and exciting. The growth of an organization is directly impacted by its talent acquisition strategy. It starts with drafting the right job description, which will help you find a qualified candidate within specified timeframes.

What we are – A strategic partner to design a reliable talent acquisition strategy by creating your internal resourcing channels.

What we are not – Recruiters or placement /staffing agency. We don’t provide placement services, but the tactical implementation of hiring practices.

Job descriptions play an important role in attracting the right talent. Many companies undermine the power of an impactful and precise JD in talent acquisition. We help create well-crafted JDs and help organizations in drafting them across all positions.

We help you prioritize your workforce needs by systematically collecting data on sales expectations, operating costs, and cash flow projections. We ensure that you meet the current and future manpower requirements, in line with your financial objectives.

To make the recruitment effort worthwhile, it is important to reach the right candidates through the right channels. We Identify, Shortlist and Optimize various types of sourcing channels that work for your business. We also ensure the effectiveness of these channels to ensure that they produce the desired results for your investment.

We help companies in establishing an assessment center for effective recruitment. We set up processes like the flow of interviews, creating a panel of interviewers, and interview assessment processes, that are scalable and applicable across all business units.

Salary negotiations are a regular part of the recruitment process and need to be handled tactfully to secure the right talent as well as the interests of the company. We equip your teams to review and understand CTC structure through awareness and education.