Organizational Development involves the right combination of strategy, plan and tools. HR Tactics focuses on the entire business value chain to ensure effective and consistent performance of the business.

Our consultants use a variety of research and assessment methods to discover what drives your organization. We then craft strategies for strengthening internal operations so that the whole company is working toward one vision.

We enable established organizations to improve operational excellence. This approach is used to identify Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the main pillars of the organization. It also ensures that the performance measurement objectives are balanced.

Key Parameters in the balanced scorecard are identified under four key areas.

  • Finance: Achieving these goals is of interest to management, employees and shareholders.
  • Customers: This KPI measures the ability of the organization to provide quality goods and services and satisfy its customers.
  • Internal business processes: Key internal processes like managing talent acquisition and retention, employee development, and providing consultation to other functions.
  • Learning & Growth: Strengthening the employer brand to attract talent, making sure employees have relevant skills or implementing knowledge management systems.

We help businesses, at any stage of their organizational journey to define their Mission, Vision and Values. Before the strategy can be mapped, a destination must be chosen. This destination is an image of how the organization defines its purpose (its mission), the future it hopes to see (its vision), and the principles it agrees will guide its working style (its values).