HR Practices

Want to Enhance or Establish your HR Practices?​

“The unique and dynamic approach of HR Tactics has helped us in setting up hiring practices at VAST. The Story-telling element of the entire hiring process is most appealing and indirectly adds value to build employer branding.
HR Tactics is a complete cost-saving solution. “

Prashant Upasani
CEO VAST, Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt. Ltd

HR Practices can transform the workplace and produce enhanced business performance. Our proven methodologies help you to design scalable practices or streamline existing processes and measure desired results in all areas of business.

We evaluate your existing practices and design the best-suited processes for your business. We also help you in establishing processes that help in driving people practices for continued benefits to your business.

Compensation and Benefits
Performance Management
Employee Engagement
Rewards and Recognition
Induction and On-boarding
Learning and Growth
Payroll Administration
Employee Separation

Our Areas of Focus

We survey, study and analyze salaries based on industry standards and compare them with your business objectives and strategies. Our services also include designing a compensation plan to suit your company and business.

The pandemic brought about a shift in priorities and dynamics of business. We took the opportunity to move toward newer approaches, enabling greater performance & productivity in a dynamic environment. Our PMS acknowledges changing environments; it is simple & collaborative—allowing employees to perform to their full potential.

Companies are shifting their focus from employee engagement to employee well-being. We help organizations create a meaningful work environment where everyone gets aligned, connected, grows—and develops new skills.

A consistent approach to rewards and recognition at the corporate level will help create a positive work environment for employees, which in turn leads to increased productivity and happier customers. We help companies design a year-long reward matrix program to achieve this.

A positive onboarding experience is most impactful for new joiners to become successful at the company. We help you in creating induction as an opportunity for converting the new joiners to become Brand Ambassadors.

We conduct high-impact training for business leaders including – Alignment of the core team, leadership development, and know yourself. Our programs are designed to support the continuous growth of your company.

We can help you set up or restructure your existing payroll process in compliance with statutory norms.

We understand that employee separation is often an unpleasant event, and we have the expertise to help you manage it. Our tailored HR solutions cover every aspect of employee separation, from notice period optimization to knowledge sharing and smooth departure.