Design & Driving of People Practices

HR Practices

Compensation & benefits
Salary analysis as per industry standards & job role, Designing compensation plan, identifying monetary & non monetary benefits most suitable to the team
Performance management
The pandemic turned PMS processes topsy- turvy. We took the opportunity to shift to newer approaches to enable performance & productivity in a dynamic environment. Our PMS acknowledge the changing environment; it is simple collaborative and impactful to support employees perform at their best
Employee Engagement
The pandemic has shifted the priority from employee engagement to employee connect, health, & wellbeing. We help companies to create work environment where employees get aligned & connected to grow and develop their skills
Rewards & Recognition
Consistency in rewards & recognition at the company level helps to create a meaningful work environment for the employees. Meaningful work environment creates happy employees and happy employee creates happy customers
Induction & On-boarding
It provides an opportunity for converting the new joiners to become the Brand Ambassadors. A positive on boarding experience is most impactful for new joiners to become successful at company
Learning & Growth
Learning linked with career progression. High Impact & Continuous learning culture
Payroll administration
Setting up entire payroll process. Restructuring existing payroll process as per statutory norms
Employee Separation
Setting up formal process for the employees as well as management to handle all types of separations. Tactful optimization of the notice period. Knowledge sharing and ensuring the smooth departure of an employee

Hiring Solutions

Hiring could be fun & exciting when you set Crystal clear objective. Drafting Job description is one of the most important factor to get right candidate within specified timelines. Talent acquisition is directly impacted by how an organization decides to expand. HR Tactics has developed core competencies in manpower budgeting, Job analysis, job description, sourcing channels, flow of interview, interview feedback etc.

Interview Model


Organization Development

Balance scorecard approach

To identify KEY performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that the objectives used to measure performance are strategically aligned to the various sources of value to the organization and are balanced.

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KPIs in the balance scorecard are identified under four key areas.  A] Finance: Achieving these goals is of interest to management, employees and shareholders.  B] Customers: This KPI measures the ability of the organization to provide quality goods and services and satisfy its customers.  C] Internal business processes: Key internal process is managing talent acquisition and retention, employee development, and providing consultation to other functions. D] Learning & Growth: Strengthening the employer brand to attract talent, making sure employees have the most skills or implementing knowledge management systems.

Goal setting

Defining Mission, Vision and Values – Before the strategy can be mapped, a destination must be chosen. This destination is an image of how the organization defines its purpose (its mission), the future it hopes to see (its vision), and the principles it agrees will guide its behaviour (its values).

Employer Branding

A solid and functional employment brand always offers numerous advantages to companies such as differentiating from the competition and truly connecting with the values of their employees and target candidates.

HR Tactics helps to define employment branding strategy by using Four Steps:

1] Creating a positive, compelling image of the organization (e.g., social responsibility, conduct, ethics, reputation)

2] Communicating clearly and consistently about what it is like to work at the organization (e.g. commitment to diversity and inclusion, innovation, teamwork, work/life balance, total rewards, opportunities for growth)

3] Encouragement to best potential candidates to apply for jobs

4] Reinforce the public’s image of the organization.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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